About Us

  Xiamen day village environmental protection technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the village environmental protection science and technology) was founded in 2010, June is the domestic earlier a focus on the pipe cleaning technology research and development, the pipe cleaning equipment production of innovative science and technology enterprises. As over the years committed to do the pipe cleaning industry leader, village environmental protection science and technology, adhering to the "reputation comes from quality" product concept, "integrity, professional, dedicated" service concept, deeply rooted, won the customer support and highly recognized in the industry.

  Village environmental protection science and technology since it was founded in 2010, the day starting from the present situation of society and their own needs of water health, looking for water solution can ensure the security of the whole family's life, in more than seven years of exploration, we set off from the first patent technology and equipment, in the process of tens of thousands of times of service, perfect the our patented equipment, introduced a more updated patent product of RX - 2800 is the upgrade of new products this year, we insist on continuous technological innovation continuously create value for our customers.

  In the past seven years, we have a deep understanding of the plumbing industry and have been actively seeking partners in the market so as to better expand the market development of the water pipe cleaning industry. At the same time, we also have their own research and development, production, sales team, won several national patents, the European Union CE certification, etc., products as early as a few years have been exported to Vietnam, Hong Kong, Canada, the United States, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia and other countries and regions.

  The company owns the water pipe cleaning service brand "water seneschal", water main, the main body of the water! It's our slogan. Water main is pipe cleaning company door-to-door service platform, we will innovation, credibility, quality concept throughout the whole product life cycle, as well as research and development, production, logistics, customer service, etc. The whole process.

  Day to make there is no such thing as a dirty water village water main pipe as the mission, the main staff trying to promote health, environmental protection, the standardization of the domestic market, create new purifying water quality life experience for the user. As an Internet environmental protection enterprise, the water head will pass the O2O model, covering the whole country, a key order, convenient and fast. As long as you place the order, we will provide the most efficient and ultimate experience service with the shortest time and the fastest speed, ensuring the overall quality of service. The water chief will build a nationwide service network.

  In terms of pipe cleaning equipment, village green technology using company independent research and development of CACS and citric acid cleaning technology, equipment safeguard and itself is quality and price advantage, strive for the highest cost performance. The first important level of the customer before the customer, the customer's worry.

  China has more than 400 million households, coupled with a large number of schools, hospitals, hotels and other places, as long as the home is the water pipe, with the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people realize the necessity of cleaning of pipe on a regular basis. A hundred billion market has been opened up, a huge opportunity for the transformation of traditional service industries and business upgrading.

  Quality is everything. The water manager knows this, so the mastery of detail is perfect. Customer's requirement for quality is the pursuit of quality. In the future, environmental science and technology will continue to guide the development of water pipe cleaning industry and improve the health of drinking water in China. We would like to be a sincere and reliable guardian.

  The daily village water main can solve the problem that the water pipe can not clean for a long time. It has been proved that the secondary pollution of tap water is mainly the long-term non-cleaning of the water pipe. Due to the increase of scale of adsorption in the water pipes, it provides a good site for the propagation of bacteria and eggs, and the long-term non-cleaning may even corrode the wall of water pipes, resulting in the decrease of gas consumption and so on. Daily village water pipe cleaning and purification experts guard your family's water health.