The agent policy

The company advantage

Why choose Japanese village green technology, why to join sun village green technology?


Strict regional protection

One area can only have one major franchise store. The company will ensure that no second distributor or agent appears within the distribution range of the plumbing equipment agent. The company will strictly control the market, avoid the mutual stampeding, the price, ensure the status of the agent.



Marketing support

Many entrepreneurs tend to be the first time to join in, lack some experience to join, but don't worry, the company USES is "one to one" support, to develop a stable one, and the development of a strategic thought as the guide, to make a lasting brand agent development and continue to win the wealth of the industry. The company will conduct professional training on product knowledge training and sales skills for the environmental protection technology brand agents in Japan.


Store planning support

Village environmental protection science and technology, as a product production enterprise, the company will be designed for franchisees unified brand image, unified logo, unified management model, unified advertisement plan, and a full range of guidance from the store location to open.



Store promotional materials and gift support

Village environmental protection science and technology, the pipe cleaning equipment franchisees to open early, to provide customers with a variety of advertising design, including: car stickers, publicity color pages, brochures, posters, leaflets, exhibition, exhibition board, name card, etc. Complimentary accessories include: the company logo of backpack and clothing, U disk, anti-splash bag, etc.


Brand support

Head office cleaning service advertisements, television media brand, newspaper, my, network media, such as advertising, another agent shall have unified propaganda material, including vehicle, clothing, posters, and gifts. The promotion of brand image can help customers who need services to trust us and improve the turnover rate.



Technical support

Company with patented technology as the foundation, let the agent business quickly back on track, the company has one batch of specialized product development and technical personnel, professional and efficient engineers, for the joining trader powerful technology to provide comprehensive support anytime and anywhere.


Express logistics support

Good logistics support is absolutely entrepreneurs and agency business, the basis of village environmental protection science and technology, the pipe cleaning equipment have special strong logistics support, and professional logistics system, from the aspects of equipment and accessories to ensure efficient logistics distribution.

Perfect sales and after-sales service

Development career, talent is indispensable, the team of headquarters helps the business of the franchisee, make a perfect plan! The company pays attention to the company's sales service, the company has a group of high-quality professional sales personnel, timely for the agent to make a plan, develop the product plan and market operation plan suitable for the local market; At the same time, the company has the perfect after-sales service system, effective and quick to solve the after-sales problems.