The agent condition

Conditions of joining:
1. Opening the shop, the capital is the most basic, with the ability to open stores, the future can develop faster! It is necessary to have some economic strength, strong market development ability and good business reputation.
2. The so-called "if you are the one", want to open a shop to join a cause, must have certain persistence and perseverance! The company needs to have sincere long-term cooperation intention and pragmatic faith and strict performance of the credibility of the contract.
3. The responsible person can start a good career, so he has the ability to independently bear civil liability and criminal responsibility, and is also one of the basic requirements for joining the environmental science and technology plumbing cleaning machine in Japan.
4, starting a business is to have a certain open shop foundation, have the ability to operate, can open a beautiful future! The company needs to independently develop and operate the market operation and control of the local market.
5, a little difficulty in speaking out of turn give up people, tend to become a big deal, village environmental protection science and technology, the pipe cleaning machine franchisees have focus, persistence, strong brand consciousness, have the courage to overcome difficulties and have a never-say-die spirit of market development.
As long as you are satisfied with the above water pipe cleaning machine agent conditions, you can join the green technology in the sun village, the green technology in the village welcomes the like-minded people, create a beautiful future!