Cleaning Ask

Q: is it useful to wash only the water pipe in the home?
A: first of all household water pipe diameter is small, plane flow, to bend, and water for a long time still makes easy to plug card pipe scale, part of the hot water pipe to heat and use more easy to oxidize iron pipe, less than 5 years begin to corrosion, rust and rust in less than a decade begin block, blocking pipe, not only easy cause smaller water flow, also can produce water rust, affect human body health; Secondly, the law states that the water company will clean the water supply network every year, and the second water supply country of the community stipulates that it should be cleaned every quarter. In addition, the main water supply pipe has a large water pressure, rapid flow rate and constant flow.

Q: will the high cycle cleaning law wash old water pipes?
Answer: so far to cleaning of did not happen in case of a broken water pipe, because in accordance with the specification for construction codes, tap water pipeline inside the residence must be able to withstand a hydraulic pressure of more than 10-20 kg/cm2, and high frequency pipe cleaning machine is to rely on the oscillation frequency and velocity of water to clean the pressure per unit area is only 2 kg, rather than by high-pressure cleaning. In addition, the equipment design of the Japanese village has the function of pressure measurement and lateral leakage. The pipe pressure test must be carried out before the water pipe is cleaned, which can effectively avoid the risk of detonation.
Q: does the home have a water purifier to clean the pipe?
Answer: the main function is to filter water purifiers foreign body from water pipes, toxic for the precipitation in the tap water, trace elements and bacteria cannot remove, only take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, is unable to solve the problem of water pollution; The cleaning of the inner wall of the water pipe can fundamentally solve the problem of drinking water. After cleaning the water pipe, the complete set of water purifier can achieve better effect, extend the life of the filter element, and effectively purify the water quality!
Wash and answer the water pipe
Q1: have you ever heard of plumbing before? Are there any other countries washing water pipes?
A: Japan and the European and American countries as early as 20 years ago, began to clean the pipe, Taiwan in recent years the introduction of Japan cleaning pipe technology, improved to ascend, successful use and promotion to the mainland, the current domestic family join to regular cleaning water pipe has millions of households.
Q 2: is it necessary to wash the water pipes?
A: absolutely necessary! As is known to all, now the pollution is more and more heavy, tap water and water quality is not very good, if not for a long time cleaning, conduit easy breeding ground for micro capsule algal poison, bacteria, virus, e. coli ` enterovirus... They also hoard lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury... Wait, harmful heavy metal that endangers human health, still can make the water quantity becomes small, even block water pipe!
Q3: are the pipes of every kind of material dirty?
Answer: each kind of material water pipe can have the scale phenomenon, and the time is more serious, the water that wash out, the white turbidity color of cold water tube, light green fungus algal water; Coffee color with hot water pipe and rust water of traditional Chinese medicine; More black ink sludge water using groundwater!
Q4: what is the latest CACS cleaning technology?
Answer: CACS cleaning technology (Citric acid cleaning skill) is combined with the village of independent research and development of Citric acid cleaning technology, spiral pulse cleaning technology and high frequency pulse cleaning technology of Japan, by the fifth generation of water vapor mixture pulse device to form water vapor mixture on line 360 ° spiral spiral pulse frequency pulse flushing, cleaning pressure below 0.35 MPa, safe, efficient, environmental protection, suitable for all kinds of material family water supply pipeline cleaning, water cleaning technology is one of the family the highest technology, by the village after six years independent research and development of science and technology of environmental protection.
Question 5: will the hose be washed out?
Answer: according to the provisions of domestic law, residential water line, must be able to withstand more than 15 kg/cm squared pressure, and the advantages of CACS high frequency unit output pressure is about 3.5 kg/cm squared, and the maximum pressure is 5 kg/cm squared, so there is a big security space!
Question 6: which water pipes can be washed to the home?
Answer: can clean the house all water pipe! Contains the bathroom sink of hot and cold water pipes, cold hot water shower, cold and hot water pipe of the kitchen, the feed pipe of the washing machine, etc., in terms of single homes, at least 11 pipes must be clean, if more than two-story homes, is to clean the pipe number is more, and the line is longer!
Ask 7: the water pipe that builds a house should be very clean, need not clean?
Answer: new homes conduit, although no fouling and bacterium and algae breeding, but have a lot of dust on the construction site within the pipe, and pipe and adherend, iron pipe joint and oil chemical residues, not only smell bad, and cause serious damage to human body health!
Q8: how long does it take to clean the water pipe?
Answer: the general apartment, the area takes 100 square metre to be about an hour or so, villa, the mansion is about 2-3 hours!
Q9: even if you clean the water pipes, you can't improve the water quality.
Answer: clean water, can remove heavy metal tube fouling, bacterium and algae removal of tube propagation phenomenon, keep clear of pipe cleaning, to install a new whole household filter net system, can effectively improve tap water! Can remove residual chlorine and heavy metal residue, transform into pure good water!
Q10: how often do you clean after cleaning?
Answer: depend on the area water quality to decide! In principle, every 1 year cleaning, if there is a whole household filter system, can delay 1-2 years!
Ask 11: is washing water color dirty just need to clean?
A: no, conduit dirty don't dirty cannot simply look at judging water dirty don't dirty, if the pipe using iron pipe or lead tube, wash out the color will be very dirty, but if you use plastic or stainless steel tube, wash out the color of the bias gonorrhea or pale green, is not too dirty, but it doesn't mean the don't have to wash, because a large number of bacteria, algae will develop dirt, water is very dirty, still need to be cleaned.
Q12: is it useful to clean the water pipe without washing the main water pipe?
A: the main water pipe due to water flow speed, pressure, when the flow has play the role of a flush pipe wall, and the home of the water pipe go out for a long time and velocity of small static pressure is small, it is easier to breed in management algal poison germs and hoarding of heavy metal, iron pipes have sufficient time to oxidation, plastic pipe will grow green algae and other plants.
Q13: what are the common carcinogens in the water pipes?
A: because the tap water to be chlorination, and the process of chlorination, chlorine and organic matter in the water, such as algae, etc.) will generate volatile halogenated hydrocarbons reaction, including trihalomethanes, chloroform, a br two the methane of cl, two br a the methane of cl. These substances have been shown to be mutagenic and/or carcinogenic in animal studies, and some have teratogenic and (or) neurotoxic effects that can lead to liver, kidney and bowel tumors. And the removal of these products, combined with technical and economic problems, cannot be effectively removed. Therefore, it can reduce the generation of halogenated hydrocarbon compounds and reduce the incidence of cancer effectively by removing precursor substances in the tube.
Question 14: is it safe to use pp-r for iron pipes?
Answer: everybody knows the iron tube will rust, and think that PP-R plastic tube does not rust is ok, actually this is a mistake. Once the pp-r plastic water pipe is used for a period of time, the secondary pollution of the inner wall of the tube is serious, which is the breeding ground of bacteria and legionella bacteria, and becomes a new human health killer and potential life threat.