Cleaning Technology

CACS cleaning technology
CACS cleaning technology (Citric acid cleaning skill) is combined with the village of independent research and development of Citric acid cleaning technology, spiral pulse cleaning technology and high frequency pulse cleaning technology of Japan, by the fifth generation of water vapor mixture pulse device to form water vapor mixture on line 360 ° spiral spiral pulse frequency pulse flushing, cleaning pressure below 0.35 MPa, safe, efficient, environmental protection, suitable for all kinds of water supply pipeline cleaning material family, is a project before family pipe cleaning technology, advanced by the village after six years independent research and development of science and technology of environmental protection.
High frequency pulse cleaning technology
With water and air as medium by day village high frequency pulse generator produces high frequency oscillation of high frequency pulse pipe cleaning pipe of a new type of technology, realize to inner wall of pipeline caused by the high frequency oscillation, water hammer effect, the spiral ring different ways such as washing, micro bubble burst a quick wash clean, the technology is mainly used in the tap water supply pipe, cold heat exchange system (floor heating, central air-conditioning, die temperature machine, mould waterway, beverage production equipment, etc.).
Cleaning method
Injection safety of food grade citric acid inside the pipe heat dissolved liquid, on the wall deposition of dirt, mixed bacteria were soaked, rely on water and air as medium, using the high frequency pulse cleaning apparatus, village of spiral pulse to shock and concussion of tube wall, layered peeling and quickly discharge tube, can obviously effective to solve water pipe, cooling and heating system pipe and other pipe fouling caused by poor water quality, such problems as low efficiency, energy loss, but also can effectively purify drinking water water environment.
Five features of CACS:
1. Quick ~ most advanced equipment, short construction time, low noise, no influence on the rest of the house.
2. Safe ~ cleaning pressure is lower than 0.35 MPa, which is similar to municipal water pressure, and the pipeline is not damaged.
3. Clean and efficient helical pulse cleaning mode to ensure the cleaning of clean water pipes.
4. Environmental protection ~ use food grade citric acid, never use other chemical agents or ozone, zero pollution.
5. Effective and effective solutions to the cleaning of various domestic materials.
Advantages of CACS technology:
With the other traditional washing water pipe in a different way, CACS technology is an advanced pipe cleaning technology, strengthen the efficiency of the pipe cleaning, fool operation, solve the high cost of equipment procurement, technical training to the staff.
CACS cleaning technology features:
1. Not using any chemical agents, no corrosion to the pipe network, no pollution to water quality, green and environmental protection.
2. It is not obstructed and practicable. It can be applied to various complex network.
3. Efficient and fast, save time and effort. It can be carried out in the condition of not digging, entering the house, continuous water and not stopping production. It can bring great convenience to the user.
4. Good savings effect. Because cleaning is air and water as medium so than other cleaning method of low cost, and the cleaning effect of tube can be wash down more than 95% and eliminate system, obvious recovery ability of water supply and heating effect.
5. Cleaning quality inspection is convenient. The cleaning effect can be tested by observing the amount of discharge and the comparison of the points before and after cleaning.
Cleaning effect description
According to the sewage of the site, according to the color can be divided into five categories, respectively: contain sludge, fungus algae, heavy metal black sewage; Coffee-colored wastewater containing rust and heavy metals; The powdery green effluent (slightly different from the use of copper). Thick, dark brown water containing a large amount of bacteria and heavy metals. Finally, the milky white sewage containing mixed fungi.
The color shade is different from water quality, water pressure, water pipe length and other factors. Generally speaking, water pressure is high in the residential pipeline, because the pressure is precipitated sludge less, the main fouling is mainly algae and bacteria, so the color will be lighter.
Fouling of the every kind of material of water pipe, plastic pipe is easy to collect accumulating bacteria algae dirt, so wash out is gonorrhea color or light green or pale yellow, iron pipe is easy to rust, so wash out is the coffee; If you use groundwater, you can wash dirty, dirty water, regardless of the tube or plastic tube. Some buildings will use stainless steel tubes, but the time will still wash out the white, sticky, sticky algae.

Various water pipe deposition impurities:
material Deposited toxic substance Wash out the color
Plastic pipe Algae, bacteria, thicket, heavy metal Light green, white turbidity, juice
Iron pipe Rust, heavy metal, mixed bacteria, algae Coffee, hred and juice
Stainless steel pipe Wormwood algae Gonorrhea sticky
groundwater The above is Coffee, black